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Our Motto is based on love as in Mark 12:31- Love your neighbor as yourself” just like Jesus teaches us.

Our ultimate Motive - Psalms 100:2- sincerely work and Serve the Lord with Gladness to enhance His Kingdom.

Our Purpose Ephesians- 5:23-to be good House Heads just like Christ is the Head of the Church.

Our Goal is to Save Lives, Men ministry strives to serve all men of WOL. We also welcome any man out there in need of spiritual help, struggling, lost, unsure or who has never known   Jesus.

Men Activities.

--Men Ministry leads church services on the first Sunday of the month. We also have monthly meetings on the Saturday before Men’s Sunday. We also meet as needed after Sunday Services.

--Our Men Fellowship is every three months.

--We also have dinners periodically and arrange for  nyama choma in the park during summer.

                                        WE are WOL Men- Men of Valor!!                                                      

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