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The Visionary


God spoke to Pastors Samuel and Ruth Mugo to birth a Church in December of 2010, since then they started to pray and by April of 2011 they invited people to come fellowship in their apartment, about 12 people attended the service at the apartment.  A need for an interim leadership to assist and advice the Pastor’s was raised, since then until now the Pastors Samuel and Ruth Mugo have been assisted by this interim group of leaders.


Pastors Samuel and Ruth in keeping with biblical model in the books of Acts have choosen elders to assist them in the work.  The elders will help to choose deacons/department leaders (Acts 6) who will carry out the daily work of the Ministry.

As seen in Ephesians 4 and Acts 14, God calls the Pastor, the pastor calls (or ordains) elders,  and the elders assist in the work of the Lord.  These elders meet regularly to oversee the major decisions of the Ministry.

Our Pastors number one responsibility is to teach the Word of God in our weekly church services, to accomplish the meeting of other needs in the congregation such as Worship, Children Ministry, Youth, Counseling, Marriages, and Funerals etc.

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